Chelsey + Chip Are Hoping To Adopt!

“Our friends will tell you that I am the outgoing one and he is the strong, quiet type.”

“Chip has the biggest heart of anyone I know and his sense of humor is incredible.

“Chelsey is the kindest person I’ve ever met and makes me better in every way.”

Adoption is something we have been drawn to do since we began dating.
We think there is a child out there that needs us, like we need them.
We know this is an impossibly hard time for you. We think you are incredibly strong.

For us, this is a long, nerve-wracking journey to be chosen to receive the biggest blessing in life,
the chance to become parents and love a child more than you ever thought possible to love anyone.

We are so excited to welcome a child and complete our family.
Thank you for learning more about us by visiting this page.
We hope to have the opportunity to learn more about you as well.

Thank you!



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