Our Family

I am an only child and only grandchild. My father passed away when I was 21 from alcoholism and we didn’t really have a relationship. My grandmother, who was really more like another mother, passed away in 2021 and I still miss her everyday. My grandfather lives about 200 miles away and we remain close. He isn’t related to me by blood, but by heart which is just as strong. It’s been my mother and I since I was two years old and we’ve seen each other through everything in life. We live five miles apart and communicate every day. She is retired and absolutely elated to become a grandmother. 

Chip has an older sister and a younger brother. His parents divorced in his teen years and both remarried. His mother and stepfather live 20 minutes away, are retired and are the ultimate Nana and Papa to their four grandchildren. His father passed away in 2020 and he and Chip were very close. It was a big loss. We remain close to his stepmother and brother. His older sister lives about three hours away and is married and has three children. Our niece and nephews are amazing and we love them and spoil them on a regular basis. 

Chip and I mainly work from home which will be so amazing when we do become parents and for those days we do need to be in the office we have two ready and willing grandmothers to step in and keep the baby. We also have a great, close-knit group of friends with children ranging from one year to fourteen years old. 

Chip’s cousin and his wife are also friends of ours and just adopted their daughter. She is a little angel. Our hope is that our child and she can become friends and have a family member to relate to on the topic of adoption. We think it can be a great bond for them. 

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