What Becoming Parents Means to Us

Adoption isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a long, nerve-wracking, inpatient wait to be chosen to receive the biggest blessing in life, the chance to become parents and love a child more than you ever thought possible to love anyone. It’s so hard to convey who you are, your character as individuals and as a couple, what becoming a parent means to you, and how serious you take the responsibility and blessing. 

I’m not sure there are words to properly convey the absolute selfless act you are contemplating. To have the strength to look to adoption for your child is one we highly admire. To us, it’s the ultimate act of love. 

Being great parents isn’t just a goal for us, it’s a life purpose. We have wanted to be parents our entire adult lives. We want to ensure our child always feels love, acceptance, support, and encouragement. We want them to have all the opportunities they can dream of in life like a good education, college, trips around the country, to Disney, and beyond. To know without a shadow of a doubt that they have you and us to love them forever, no matter what. 

I can’t put myself in your shoes, imagine what you’re going through or tell you I completely understand. I don’t. What I can tell you is that I will do my absolute best to be supportive of you, to be a friend if you’d like one, and to follow your lead. I can tell you that being a mother will be the honor of my life. 

One of the things that drew me to Chip was his heart. Chip is one of those quiet types until you get to know him. But once you do, you see all the things you could possibly want in a partner and father for your child. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know, will do anything he can to help those he cares about, has an incredible sense of humor to guide you through the dark times, is generous of time and spirit, and wants nothing more than to be the best father in the world. I grew up without a dad, so finding a partner in life I knew would be an incredible one was so important to me, and thankfully that happened with Chip. 

I know it sounds corny when people say this, but I feel like I’ve always been meant to be a mother. I’ve always gravitated to the caretaker role for my family and friends naturally. I feel like I am a mother without a child, waiting for my miracle to arrive, and living by faith and hope for when it does. I know we will make mistakes and perfection doesn’t exist, but I can tell you without a doubt that we will do anything and everything within our power to ensure our child has the best life they can. 

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