Our Life as a Couple

As you’ve read, we met online on a dating app. Our first date was at a local sushi restaurant and when we finished dinner something felt different. I got married later in life and I wanted to be sure of the person I was marrying. When we got married we knew we were all in. We’ve been through a lot in our years of marriage with infertility, the loss of several family members, changing jobs, family illness, and the loss of our beloved dog, Vandy. Through all that I can honestly say it brought us closer. He’s my best friend. I know he always has my back and will support me and I see what an incredible son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend he is to those around him. I feel pretty lucky. 

Our friends will tell you that I am the outgoing one and he is the strong, silent type. He’s the person you want on your trivia team for all his random music, movie and history knowledge and I’m the one that tries to keep the mood going. 

He’s my best friend…I feel pretty lucky.

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